Sunday, September 8, 2019

Vanilla & Fig Tart

Did you ever have a climbing tree growing up? I remember the only mature tree in my yard was a big old fig tree, it had a perfect branch that cradled my back and made for many lovely afternoon naps. Ever since those days, I've never found myself eating fresh figs so when I saw some at my local market, I couldn't resist transforming them into something delicious...

Two of the recipes below are staples for any baker - tart crust and pastry cream. You can literally make soooo many variations depending on the season and flavor profile you want to achieve. When it comes to tarts, I always do two things: 1) I always add vanilla beans to my custard and 2) I always brush a thin layer of white or dark chocolate on the baked tart shell before adding the cream. I find that this extra step adds flavor and prevents the bottom of the crust from getting soggy over time (plus it covers any imperfections if you're like me and haven't nailed your tart crust game).

For the vanilla, I wanted those natural bean specks in my cream but vanilla beans are hella expensive, so I ended up ordering this vanilla bean paste off Amazon and I LOVE the convenience and flavor it provided. Another presentation tip for that shiny fruit tart sheen is to melt down some fruit preserves and just brush it over the top! In this case, I used fig jam and heated it up with a bit of the vanilla paste.

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