Saturday, September 14, 2019

Fall Wardrobe Refresh

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Whenever a new season is approaching, it's always so tempting to go overboard with shopping as you stand in front of your closet, looking at all of your misshapen sweaters and unworthy overcoats. To keep my spending and sanity in check, I always try to be selective and figure out a balance of capsule and trendy items I can add to bring me into the fall season. Here are my top 10 suggestion for fall...

1) A wide-brim hat -  aka a more stylish beanie

2) A silky leopard/cheetah print skirt - wear it with sneakers and a graphic tee or dress it up with heels and a nice sweater

3) Faux leather leggings - I finally jumped aboard the Spanx train and I finally understand the hype

4) Anything snakeskin - flats, heels, shirts, snakes this neutral print goes great with everything

5) Statement sweater - really digging burnt orange shades with stripes

6) Layered gold necklace - all about those dainty details

7) Neck scarf - wear it in your hair or around your neck for a pop of color and pattern

8) A nice coat - splurge item, opt for black or a nice camel brown for a timeless look

9) Statement bag - large, in charge, and full of fall foliage (I tried)

10) A pair of white booties - I wear these with EVERYTHING


  1. Omg I JUST ordered some snake skin flats from Target!! I cannot wait to get them!

  2. Yasss! I have them in flats and heels and I get a lot of wear out of them!


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