Sunday, August 25, 2019


I was watching the "rum ham" episode of It's Always Sunny one afternoon and it got me thinking about a boozy treat. Since I don't eat ham, my mind naturally went to the thing a bake best - cake.

This, only with cake!!!

I was surprised and a little disappointed when I looked up rum cake recipes only to find they contained a cake mix which simply won't do. I decided to take a classic recipe for pound cake and incorporated rum not only in the batter but also in a glaze on top. The addition of chopped pecans is also something I recommend for added texture and flavor.

The result is a super moist vanilla cake with a punch of booze at the end that's good enough to jump into the ocean for (kudos if you get that reference). I would recommend tightly covering it because I did notice that the rum became a little less potent over time.

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