Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Graphic Tees Under $50

Back in my high school days, graphic tees were the bee's knees. I had soooo many Hot Topic favorites on repeat ranging from my favorite bands to random movie quotes (holla at my fellow Napoleon Dynamite fans). Now it seems these statement tees are making a comeback and I think it's teerrific... I'll see myself out.

Now that I am starting to build up my collection as "adult" Annie (yes, I use the term adult lightly) I try to buy from sites that support a cause or the artist that designed the shirt. Redbubble and TeeRepulic are great examples that support independent artist with each purchase made. Another one of my favorites is Parks Project where you can support ongoing projects in over 30 National Parks across the country! Where are some of your favorite places to snag a killer tee?

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  1. I love graphic tees! I have a bunch of concert tour shirts that I've been collecting the last few years.


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