Friday, May 20, 2016

Fashion Friday: How to Pack If You're a Fashionista

Let's face it, there's packing for a regular person and then there's packing when you're that person, I am the later. Sure I'm only gonna be gone for a week but who knows what the weather is gonna be like? Will I be bloated that day? What if that outfit doesn't match my mood that particular morning? What can I say, it is both a blessing and a curse. Over the years I have learned what and how to pack in order to be efficient but also meet my fashion needs so take a deep breath, and let's start packing!

Here are a couple of tips I've learned along the way:

-Pack at least two outerwear items, it can be two jackets in the winter or in this case it was a denim and a utility vest for the summer months. This allows you to reinvent an outfit plus if you wear one of them on the plane, it doesn't take up valuable space.
-Choose pieces that are easy to mix and match with other items, like a plain black jumper or a striped dress.
-I always try to pack only 2-3 pairs of shoes usually a pair of sandals for the summer, comfortable sneakers, and maybe some pumps if you're gonna find yourself in a formal setting.

For accessories, I usually go with one large statement necklace then I try to keep it pretty classic for the remaining items. Bringing a couple of scarves is always a good idea because they can double as hair accessories. To store the necklaces I always either place them in Ziplock press'n seal or use a hair clip to separate them and prevent tangling.

For swimming outfits I brought a cover-up that could also be worn during the day with a short and some jean shorts.
All in all we're gonna be gone for a week and I packed the following items:
-1 pair of jean shorts
-1 black jumper
-1 black skirt
-1 striped dress
-4 shirts
-2 vests, 1 denim, 1 utility
-1 two-piece bathing suit
-1 coverup (also can be worn as a kimono)
-1 pair of black gladiator sandals
-1 pair of flats

For the carry on:

-I always keep the necessities in there, lip gloss, hand lotion, perfume, gum, etc.
-I also keep my makeup bag (which should be a see through baggy and I just realized that after I took the picture) it's always nice to have if you need to touch up or fall asleep on the plane and you smear your winged eyeliner halfway down your face (don't be like me).
-Not pictured - a snack bar. I JUST realized you are allowed to take snacks into the airport!! Do you realize all the money I could have saved by not buying those $5 Kind bars in the airport store?!

To roll or not to roll?!
This has been an ongoing debate, personally I find that rolling my clothes does not save space, especially for my husbands clothes which are thicker and bulkier than mine. I found the the fold method works best for me, I usually place the heavier items on the bottom then add everything else and fold the pants on top, like THIS.

What are some of your packing tips?

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