Sunday, May 22, 2016

Weekly Roundup

Hello everyone! I hope this weekend finds you happy and well!
I am SO excited because the hubbs and I are headed to Jax this week and spending some time with family and friends! Being completely on our own in The Lone Star State (haha) can wear heavy on the soul sometimes so it's good to get in touch with your roots every now and then. We're also bringing our fur baby Bean with us on a plane for the first time ever so that should be interesting!

This week I've rounded up some favorite items, recipes, and other goodies from around the web and yes, it was supposed to be posted yesterday but hopefully you shall forgive my absence.

-I finally bought a high waisted two-piece which I love! Wasn't really sure how it would look on me but I would really recommend it, it offers more coverage then an average bikini and yet it's not as covered up as a tankini/one-piece.
-I've been needing a new wallet and I believe that I found the perfect one over at Modcloth
-I've been getting into makeup recently (which is new for me) and I came across THESE beauties - they are almost too pretty to use!
-I really need to update my camera, my loyal Canon is nearly 10 years old and I am pretty sure that I have decided on the Canon 700D does anyone recommend this camera? What do you guys think?
-My girl Rebecca over at A Clothes Horse has got me completely enchanted by her gatehouse. This makes me wanna roam the Irish country side and take in everything old and new.
-I really love this Poet, I find her work really relatable and so beautifully written.

Enjoy the rest of your day, and may it be a good one!

*Picture from How to Simplify

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