Friday, May 1, 2015

Fashion Friday: Spring Faves & How To Become a Stylish Adult

Spring Faves

So I've kinda fallen off the fashion bandwagon since we've moved. I am going through that phase of "I have nothing to wear!" (as I am staring at a closet full of clothes). I think I am headed towards another "fashion phase" where I start adapting a new style and I suddenly question eveything I currently own. I have been through many of these in my life, preppy, skater, and the unfortunate and slightly embarrassing overly eye-lined gothic punk phase. Right now I have come to the realization that I am officially an adult (boooooo) and need to start investing more in classic work pieces. This doesn't mean I will succumb to the trap of khakis and pant suits - heck no! I still want to keep my quirky edgy style in the corporate world. You can achieve this through statement jewelry, printed skirts, and on trend handbags. One of my favorite current trends are light blues/denim pieces and jogger pants (which are pretty much glorified sweat pants - what's not to like?)

What are some of your work appropriate trends?

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