Thursday, April 30, 2015

Pollo Tropical Review

As you've seen on previous restaurant review posts, usually I try to focus on local establishments but my experience at Cabana Grill in Jax was so enjoyable when I was invited to eat at their sister restaurant Pollo Tropical, I couldn't resist!

I had heard positive things about Pollo from friends and family but never got around to eating there myself. The surroundings were very tastefully done, evoking that beachy feeling with similar elements to Cabana Grill (known as Taco Cabana in the Houston area) such as the salsa bar and ice cold sangrias in place of margaritas. Most of the menu consists of salads, sandwiches and wraps, chicken based dishes like wings, and other Tex Mex/Caribbean inspired meals. Also like Cabana you can customize your order with different toppings, sauces and sides.

To view their menu click HERE.
Below are some of their signature sauces such as pineapple rum, fresh salsa, guava BBQ (<= fave), curry mustard (<= fave), and cilantro garlic.

Lewis ordered the grilled tropical wings with a side of red beans and green beans. The wings were flavorful and tender and paired with the guava BBQ sauce it made for a tasty entree. The sides were well executed - the green beans weren't crunchy, which is one of my pet peeves , so I was happy that they were well done.
Since I had heard that the TropiChop bowl was one of their most popular items I ordered the chicken TropiChop with lettuce, black beans, corn, pico, and brown rice. At first I was shocked at how small it appeared but once I started eating it, it was satisfyingly filling. I must say that even with the pico and added curry mustard it didn't blow me away with flavor and I found it to be pretty mediocre.

The Verdict

Pollo Tropical offers fast food with a Caribbean twist. While I was slightly disappointed with their supposed signature, their main entrees paired with a wide variety of sides and sauces makes for a satisfying meal.

Disclosure - Our meals were comped courtesy of Pollo Tropical all opinions are my own.

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