Sunday, June 23, 2019

Feelin Thrifty With ThredUp

Have you ever shopped used? I'm gonna be honest, the thought of wearing secondhand clothing used to freak me out (I blame it on my inner germaphobe). Don't get me wrong, I've always been a fan of thrifting and I'm not ashamed to admit I'm always up for a stroll around an antique store but I've always stuck with used furniture, books, various decor - NOT clothes. Would it look worn? Will I waste my money? Would there be mysterious stains and smells? I was a skeptic. Then, a couple of years ago I decided to order something off of ThredUp (yep, I got suckered in by a Facebook ad) and I have been hooked ever since!

There's just something about online clothes thrifting that gives me a thrill. I've found items from seasons past that I thought I'd never see again or things that I've always wanted to buy from higher-end brands but were never able to afford. With their new(ish) "favorite" system, you can easily keep track of your finds and there's even a countdown on when the item will be removed from your cart.

If you're thinking about selling your clothes with them by ordering a clean-out bag, I will say I wouldn't expect a very fair buyout. It's a great way to do a quick closet clean-up, but if you have some quality pieces, I would consider selling with Buffalo Exchange, ebay, or Poshmark instead.

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