Saturday, February 18, 2017

Snow Day(s)

This post was originally set to be published in December, when we experienced our first little 1-2 inch snowfall. Little did I know that snowmageddon was on it's way a couple weeks later and graced us with a foot of snow! Now, I know I must be getting a couple of eye rolls from the people up north, but understand that I am but a humble Florida-born gal who went from winters with a low of 60 degrees to a white, single digit Narnia wonderland. I'll never forget the feeling I had when I saw those first few flakes touch (and stick to) the ground. When we took our nightly walk around our neighborhood, it was so quiet and serene, like the world had transformed within a couple of hours - so THIS is what having seasons is like. It's easy to see how this crystallized rain has been the inspiration for countless songs, carols, and poems - I have shamelessly become Lorelai Gilmore-level obsessed with snow and I cannot wait until next December!

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