Thursday, January 26, 2017

National Chocolate Cake Day Recipe Roundup

I just discovered a list of National Days where it seems like everyday is dedicated to a different food or animal. I am not exactly sure how one goes about getting an official National Day approved but I certainly have a few suggestions. Tomorrow happens to be National Chocolate Cake Day so of course I had to round up a few of my favorite recipes that will make your weekend just a little sweeter.

Moist chocolate cake with a 'raw' chocolate chip cookie dough center and cookie whipped frosting

Classic chocolate cake doughnuts with vanilla sugar glaze

A condensed version of a childhood favorite - moist chocolate cake with a chocolate pudding center topped with chocolate whipped cream frosting, crushed cookie crumbles, and gummy worms

Dark chocolate cake with strawberry mousse filling covered in dark chocolate ganache and chocolate covered strawberries

A traditional German dessert - chocolate cake filled with kirsch and espresso soaked cherries topped with spiked icing

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  1. Do you still have the recipe for the Baileys cream filled cupcakes? I loved those - and they kept so well.


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