Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Welcome to the new blog!

After many breakdowns, tantrums, and cups of coffee, the new blog is up and running!


-The name! After almost five years, I decided that The Nifty Cupcake no longer properly represented my blog, to read more about how I chose this name, you can check out the revamped About Me section.

-The recipe Index is broken down into more categories to make it easier to locate specific meals.

-Restaurant Reviews are also now organized by state and city and my personal favorites are now highlighted

-The theme is now more mobile friendly

-There is a live insta-stream at the bottom of the page


-Travel will be organized by city, state, or country.

-Fashion will be organized by season

I apologize for the longer than anticipated wait, I did my best to communicate with people and provide recipes via Facebook message while the site was down. What do you think of the new space/name? Is there anything you would enjoy seeing on the site that isn't available?

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