Sunday, October 23, 2016

Weekly Roundup

Good afternoon all, I hope everyone is having a fantastic fall weekend! I can't believe Halloween is just a week away, I keep trying on my costume in anticipation! This past week was a little crazy, I started a new job which is the single most terrifying and stressful event in a persons life (in my opinion). This is also my first "grown up" career oriented job, one that I didn't just accept because I was in college and in desperate need of some money. It's been an interesting experience, but one I am slowly growing increasingly fond of. It helps that everyone has been super nice and that I chose to work at a place where I am surrounded by extremely creative and talented people (which is both inspiring and intimidating). It is also my first 9-5 Monday through Friday job so I am very much enjoying having weekends off! Here are some of my favorite things around the web - hope everyone has an amazing week!

ThredUp - I know you've probably seen their ads floating around Facebook and Pinterest but this has seriously become my new obsession! I have always wanted to purchase quality name brand clothing but of course that comes at a price. I have ordered from ThredUp a couple of times now and I have scored some great pieces at less than half of the tag price - I'm hooked!

If you're looking for a fun read, I would highly recommend "It Gets Worse" By Shane Dawson. Be warned, you might want to read it within the comfort of your home because if you're like me, you WILL be laughing out loud every five minutes (which, as it happens, is not encouraged in a coffee shop).

This article, "Unexpected Items to Look for When Thrift Shopping" will up your thrift shop game

Being a crazy dachshund lady, I of course HAVE to own these shoes

Get inspired with these "50 Spooky and Sweet Halloween Treats"

Speaking of culinary inspirations, check out this Stranger Things Eleven themed cake from Sprinkle Bakes!

With the way the Presidential race is going, we are all in need of some comedic relief, check out Bad Lip Reading's first Presidential Debate

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