Monday, October 10, 2016

Roloff Farms!

I am still in denial as I am writing this post and recalling this day. I have been watching Little People Big World as far back as I can remember, I was entranced with this magical Oregon Farm and the people who ran it. It actually played a major role in my desire to move to Oregon and here I am, now living within miles of this place I have been in love with for so long - life is crazy.

Baby cow at the mini petting zoo

We went with the intention to just enjoy the pumpkins and IF we happen to see a Roloff here or there it would be an added bonus - to our surprise, almost the entire family was there that day, just walking around totally casual, saying hello to everyone and thanking people for coming. They were so gracious and down to earth, meanwhile I was trying my best to stay calm and compose myself.

The camera crews were actively filming for the upcoming season next month. It was very interesting  watching them work, and I have never been so certain in my life that I could never be on a TV show - it would drive me insane. We spent the day semi-awkwardly avoiding them and I am now praying that I don't see myself on national television...or that they caught me tripping over that hay bale (like I said, I am NOT television show material).

I was obsessed with these haunted trail tree faces! 

We drove right in front of their house and I only felt slightly creepy taking this picture - it was taken from a full wagon so please excuse the shoulder.

The picturesque little white chapel - can't imagine what it looks like in the spring time! 

 The iconic bonfire circle and Molly's castle 

We purchased the $13 package which included a wagon ride tour of the farm ($10) and access to the activity area (for and additional $3). I would highly recommend you at least take the tractor tour because you get to see the entire farm plus explore the Old Western town. I didn't realize how detailed every structure was - here's a peak inside the mail room and little doctors office. The activity area was impressive as well, even though most of it was geared towards little kids, we were entertained for hours!

I was enthralled by all of the textures and photo opportunities around the farm, it was full of vintage cars, weathered woods, and rusty farm tools - it's easy to see how one of the Roloff kids (Jeremy) became a photographer. I was so tempted to further explore and capture every corner of this place.

I was SO ecstatic that I got to meet Sully (Zach + Tori's dog)  I have a slight obsession with him and all big fluffy dogs in general.

Snapped these pics of the camera crew at work,  I must admit I was super envious of their job and it suddenly made me question my boring business major.

Carving our Roloff Farms pumpkins! I will certainly never forget our first day out on the farm and we definitely intend to make it a fall tradition! Check out my instagram account to see our selfie with Amy Roloff herself!


  1. Thanks for the behind the scenes tour, it was great!

  2. This is so cool! It looks like you guys are having an amazing time out in the Pacific Northwest! Miss you guys!

    1. It's certainly a magical place - you guys are always welcome to visit ;)

  3. That looks like such fun and you got to meet Amy Roloff! Can't believe y'all are on the other side of the country! What an exciting adventure! I've never been to Oregon before but the pictures I've seen are just beautiful. Wishing you both the best.

    1. Thank you so much! I often forget I am so far away from home, the distance is hard sometimes but I truly feel like I am finally where I belong. I hope you and your family are doing well, you must be super excited about the upcoming wedding :D

  4. Can't wait to do that next year! Great post! 1 4 3


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