Friday, August 26, 2016

Our New Place

This place is finally starting to feel like home, even though I am still a tad in denial that we live in such a nice area! A part of me can't believe Oregon is real, the people, the food, the landscape - it's like I have been unknowingly dreaming about living here for ages and I've finally come home.

We did have to downsize and lost a bed and bathroom but it was enlivening in a way, purging our self from all that "stuff" (plus some extra money never hurt anyone).

I have always been a collector. I would scan antique shops and yard sales in search of once beloved intriguing nic nacs. Many of the things in our place are re-purposed: spray painted frames I found in my family's garage, pieces of wood from my grandmother's craft box, old flea market cameras. I like balancing the new with the old in a space, I think these pieces provide a story that modern items fail to do.

Here are some of the places I frequent:

-Amazon is great for pillow covers and other odds and ends
-World Market is great for dachshund shaped things
-Target... I will ALWAYS love Target
-Of course Etsy is a go-to for interesting prints and photographs
-Ikea for planters and organizers
-H&M has an online home section that's pretty much a Magnolia Market for the financially savvy.
-Craigslist, great for old (but good quality) furniture you can easily fix up
-It never hurts to check your local area for garage sales and even scan neighborhoods for items by the trash, you never know what some people throw away!

What are some of your favorite items around your house?

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