Friday, May 15, 2015

Fashion Friday: Incorporating Vintage Pieces Into your Wardrobe

I was recently introduced to a site called Invaluable which is essentially a vintage lovers paradise. It's a worldwide online auction database that offers everything from jewelry, antiques, collectibles, and even entire estate sales. I have always loved scouring local antique stores looking for old brooches or rings to add to my collection but now with the convenience of shopping from home, and their bid-based pricing, the opportunity to score one of a kind pieces just became a lot easier!

Most people are hesitant about vintage shopping, they either think they'll look like a grandma or don't know how to incorporate the new with the old. To help with these misconceptions, I decided to style three different looks including one for work, a casual weekend, and a more formal event.


I love adding a pop of color to a black and white outfit, this is especially on trend for the Spring season. I am such a huge fan of turquoise and admire the versatility of it, you could easily wear it for everyday occasions or dress it up for work like I did here.


This look pretty much describes my weekend uniform, I was inspired by the somewhat bohemian vibes of these dangling earrings so I decided it would go best with a colorful paisley printed dress and comfortable tassel sandals.


I am a big fan of this last ensemble, I feel it best compliments the vintage vibes of the jewelry. This ring is probably my favorite piece, I have always been a huge fan of opals (I almost chose one for my wedding band). As for the other piece, I feel like brooches are a very underrated accessory, I think they can dress up a coat or a scarf and add a unique element to an outfit. You may also have noticed that I mixed silver and gold but tied both items together with the diamonds.

I hope I provided you with some vintage inspiration! Enjoy your weekend everyone!


  1. You've complete distracted me! I'm supposed to be working and now I'm shopping online! I love that boho dress. Totally my type. Coming into winter here in Syd, it's perfect with boots!! :)

  2. Haha, thanks Nagi, the struggle is real! I become distracted by online shopping everyday - glad you liked the dress :)


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