Friday, December 12, 2014

Fashion Friday: It's all in the Details

Once in a while I always try to incorporate a different fashion piece into my wardrobe, it's easy to keep buying more and more of the same thing (in my case it's statement necklaces and lace dresses). When I saw this tunic at Apricot Lane I knew it was something I wouldn't typically wear (I usually have an aversion to long sleeves - I blame the hot flashes) but the little black lace detailing on the sleeve was so unique, I had to try it on. I ended up actually loving it, and the fabric was so light weight and comfy, I didn't even mind the sleeves.

Outfit Details
Grey tunic - c/o Apricot Lane Boutique
Earrings - Apricot Lane Boutique
Leggings - Target
Boots - JCPenneys
Hat - JCPenney

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