Thursday, January 2, 2014

My Personal Favorites From 2013

Looking back at my culinary adventures from last year, I realize I have become a more seasoned veteran in the kitchen (pun intended). Listed below are some of my personal favs from 2013. This year my goal is to experiment more with foreign/rare ingredients, and master the perfect pie crust. What are some of your food goals for this new year?

Listed from top left to right:

-Speckled Egg Italian Cream Cake
-Gâteau fondant aux poires - French Pear Cake
-Spicy Shrimp Bites
-Authentic Black Forest Cupcakes (Schwarzwald Kirsch Kuchen) with Meringue Mushrooms
-Secretly Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookies
-Butter Bean Hummus
-4th of July Fruit Trifle
-Key Lime Pie cupcakes with Key Lime Frosting
-Cranberry Lemon Tart
-German-Style Potato Salad (Kartoffel Salat)
-Mini Dark Sweet Cherry Pies
-Apple Marzipan Tart
-Gorilla Bread Muffins
-Blueberry Cobbler Bars
-Healthy and Hearty Pumpkin Bread Topped with Toasted Pepitas
-Pistachio encrusted salmon with balsamic glazed cherries and citrus infused quinoa

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