Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Kickbacks Gastropub

Beer taps on the ceiling...

On King's Street down from Pele's Woodfire Grill and Sweet Theory you'll find this quirky little gastropub by the name of Kickbacks. It's a groovy little dive of a place, with beer taps lining the ceiling along with other weird paraphernalia (look for the two manikin heads). They always sport a MASSIVE beer menu on the back wall (pictured below) and their food consists of mainly burgers, sandwiches, and salads with a twist. They also have a "vintage" section on the back which includes hamburger helper, spaghettios and other classics (only in 'MERICA). Lewis and I ventured here about a year ago and we found the food to be just meh but I thought I would give them another try, and boy I'm glad I did!

When I first looked at the menu my eyes flew straight to the tempeh burger. #1 because it's freaky and #2 because I saw that the soy beans were grown in my hometown of Gainesville, Fl! That's awesome! It is decided.

Tempeh burger with lettuce, tomato, caramelized onions and mushrooms with sweet potato fries...

The burger was, as you can see HUGE! It was pretty tasty but one thing I would have liked is some sort of house made spread because the burger came dry (I ended up putting ketchup on it) but a nice red pepper aioli or guac. spread would have vastly improved it. The sweet potato fries were as good as any I've had, they usually come dusted with powdered sugar which I'm not a fan of so I ordered them without.

My mom ordered the meatloaf which was, again, HUGE (I am sensing an ongoing trend). It was very moist and flavorful and their mac and cheese is dangerously delicious (of course what isn't delicious that involves cheese?)

Meatloaf stuffed with mushrooms, onions, mozzarella & parmesan cheeses, and spinach, wrapped with bacon and served with a spinach and roasted red pepper cream sauce with mixed vegetables and bacon topped mac n' cheese for sides...yeah...that's a lot of bacon!

The fish and chips were on point as well, the batter was crispy, seasoned well, and it wasn't dripping with grease. The regular french fries were very tasty and fried to perfection.

Crispy fish and chips...

We also ordered some chicken wings (not pictured) which were seasoned with a lemon garlic rub and everyone approved of them

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While Kickback's might not be the ideal place to go if you're "watching your figure" it's a great place to "kick back" with friends over a good beer and some comfort food.


  1. My wife and I moved into the neighborhood last year and recently discovered this gem. There's a few things to watch out for on the menu, like the chicken parm and the stir fry. But everything else we've tried has been excellent. And the servers are fun to hang out with. And the place has a great neighborhood vibe to it. And I'm becoming a beer connoisseur.

    Good review of the place. Thanks.

  2. The servers are definitely awesome! Glad you liked the review and I really appreciate your feedback!

  3. Great pictures - makes me hungry =D!


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