Thursday, October 11, 2012

Sun Sun Garden

It gives me great pleasure to introduce to you my all time favorite Chinese take-out restaurant. Sun Sun Garden and I go way back, this was actually one of the first places my boyfriend took me to for lunch (and yes, it was love at first sight.) Sun Sun might look like your average hole-in-the-wall Chinese joint, but don't let it's somewhat unimpressive exterior fool you, this place offers top of the line dishes including tofu which they serve up nice and crispy. I really love how they let you customize your order and pair any protein with whatever sauce and vegetables your heart desires. My personal favorite is shrimp and broccoli with cashews (pictured below) and they always give you a generous helping of fried or steamed rice. If you're on a budget you might consider their lunch special (which they offer until 3:30pm) for $4.95 which also includes a beverage.

Tofu with broccoli and orange sauce.

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