Sunday, October 7, 2012

Gallery Espresso

One of my all time favorite Coffee Shops would have to be Gallery Espresso in Savannah GA. It's a small, somewhat grungy college hang out with local art on the walls, exposed brick, and comfy chairs a plenty. The last time I was here I had their flavor of the day coffee (which was my all time favorite flavor, pistachio!) and a slice of tiramisu (which was kinda pricey at $8 buuut I must say it was well worth it). However, since it was currently the end of September and still 80 degrees outside I decided to try a cold beverage. I didn't want your typical frappe so I asked for pumpkin flavoring to be added and they were happy to oblige! I was in heaven upon drinking my first sip! It was sweet, but not too sweet, creamy, pumpkiny and it encompassed the essence of fall (despite the blasted weather) it was so good I went back and tried amaretto and vanilla nut which were also amazing but not as jolly as the pumpkin. The day we're were leaving we decided to make a final pit stop before our journey. We ordered a blueberry scone (for second breakfast) and a mocha. The scone as a bit dry and had a dense biscuit-like texture but the mocha was, of course, delicious.


Upon my many returns I have also discovered the tea for two deal! They include a teapot full of water with all the fixins. I personally loved this considering that the art of tea drinking is a dying if not a non existing art in America.

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