Sunday, February 2, 2020

Valentines Day Cocktail

It's crazy that we're six months into the year and it's somehow only February HA..HA...ha...ha -_-

For real though 2020 has been a bit challenging so far, I got sick TWICE and I was on Whole30 for a month so needless to say, a February cocktail recipe was much needed. I didn't know quite what to call this since it's not technically a mimosa or a bellini but a delicious bubbly blend of strawberry goodness. That is way too long for a title so for now, it is a Valentines Day Cocktail

Simply blend fresh strawberries with simple syrup (aka sugar water), strain the seeds, add a bit of fresh lemon juice and add to your favorite Champagne or sparkling wine. This is one of those drinks you can enjoy with breakfast (there's blended fruit in here so it's pretty much a smoothie), a romantic picnic (do people still have those?), or a relaxing dinner at home.

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