Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Red Velvet Cake Pops

This past week has been a blur of anxiety and sprinkles. I always tend to take my frustrations out in the kitchen - you know what they say, when life gives you lemons, whip those suckers into a curd and bake it... or something like that.

Point is, I made A LOT of cake last week so much so that I decided to make cake pops for the first time EVER. Cake pops are kinda like cupcakes but more annoying to make (but they look hella cute though). It is literally crumbled cake, a little bit of frosting, and chocolate to top it all off.

For the cake, I used this Red Velvet recipe  but you could literally use any flavor you'd like. When it comes to the chocolate, it's important to use a higher quality melting chocolate - I like Ghirardelli White Melting Wafers It is important to use a melting chocolate over typical chocolate chips because these chips were made to withstand oven temperatures in final baking applications which makes it more difficult to achieve that smooth melty texture. You can use chocolate chips in a pinch, just be sure to add 1 TBS of vegetable oil per package as this will help you achieve that dippable consistency.

Red Velvet Cake Pops 

1. Allow the cake to cool completely in the pan set on a wire rack.
2. Make the frosting (frosting recipe included in cake recipe link).
3. Crumble the cooled cake into the bowl on top of the frosting. Make sure there are no large lumps. Turn the mixer on low and beat the frosting and cake crumbles together until combined.
4. Measure 1 TBS of moist cake mixture (I used a cookie scoop) and roll into a ball. Place balls on a lined baking sheet. Refrigerate for 2 hours or freeze for 1 hour. Re-roll the chilled balls to smooth out, if needed. Place back into the fridge as you’ll only work with a couple at a time.
5. Melt the chocolate in a 2-cup liquid measuring cup (best for dunking!). you can use a double boiler or microwave.
6. Coat the cake balls: Remove only 2-3 cake balls from the refrigerator at a time. Dip a lollipop stick about 1/2 inch into the coating, then insert into the center or the cake ball. Only push it about halfway through the cake ball. Dip the cake ball into the coating until it is completely covered. Make sure the coating covers the base of the cake ball where it meets the lollipop stick. Very gently tap the stick against the edge of the measuring cup to allow excess coating to drop off. Decorate the top with sprinkles and place upright into a styrofoam block or box (as explained above) OR you can just place pop on parchement paper stick side up. Repeat with remaining cake balls, only working with some out of the refrigerator at a time. The cake balls must be cold when dipping!
Coating will set within an hour. (or less). Store cake pops in the refrigerator for up to 1 week.

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