Sunday, March 17, 2019

Brunch at Cafe Broder

Living in the brunch capital of the nation can be intimidating at times. On one hand, having an infinite number of restaurants to try is what dreams are made of, on the other, it takes the question of "so where do you feel like eating today?" to a whole new level. I'm talking hour-long discussions here people - pro and con lists, debates, pie charts - the decision process is daunting.

9/10 we end up revisiting our favorite places because they're so darn good; among those favorites are the Broder Cafes...

With three locations around town (Border Cafe, Broder Nord, and Broder Soder) this is the second location I've been to. While the menus differ slightly, the Scandinavian theme is consistent. I gotta hand it to the Swedes, they sure know how to make a mean board and open-faced sandwich. It's a genius idea really, let's just put all these delicious ingredients on a slap and call it a meal!

Their pancakes are also not to be ignored. While they do serve the renowned aebleskivers (aebleskivers, ebleskivers? - tomato, tomahto?) they also have these "fruit fritters" which have that fluffy consistency in flat pancake form. OH and if that wasn't enough, they serve it with berry compote - don't you dare touch that maple syrup - you don't even need it.

Another thing I admire about Scandinavian cooking is they tend to incorporate a lot of seafood. This Baked egg smoked trout scramble (aks a fancy-pants frittata) was so comforting and hearty, not to mention their walnut toast is *chef's kiss*.

I never regret revisiting one of the Broders, their unique flavors and Scandinavian influences have me coming back for more.

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