Saturday, September 8, 2018

PDX Food Journey: Olympia Provisions

I've officially been an Oregonian for two years now and I feel like I haven't even made a dent in trying all of the restaurants in this city. I have dedicated entire days to eating...brunch, walk around, get a coffee, eat dinner, walk around, go to a tap-house... I feel like I have achieved my true hobbit form. This particular day, for example, I had met up with a group of friends for brunch at Pine Street Market and then we wandered around until we somehow found ourselves under the soft orange glow of those four glorious letters
M - E - A - T.

As you enter this somewhat discrete, warehouse-like location, you're immediately smacked in the face with the smell of freshly baked bread - not exactly what I was expecting from a meat market but it was a welcome surprise. We found out that we happen to arrive during happy hour so we order one chef's special charcuterie board, a veggie-friendly chutney and cheese board, and their seasonal cocktail (a refreshing berry and lemon concoction).

It's crazy how amazing simple food can be IF it is done well. This meal is essentially just meat, bread, and cheese but each ingredient on the board had a purpose - with the richness of the meats and creamy cheeses complemented by the acidity and sweetness of the chutney and pickled veggies. You could control and experiment with each bite and it was definitely an experience worth having.

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