Friday, February 9, 2018

Spumoni Layer Cake

There are some recipes you can whip up at a moments notice and enjoy in a little over 30 minutes...this is no such recipe.

When Lewis graduated with his BA, I decided to turn one of his favorite ice cream flavors into a cake - the result was a three-flavored tier masterpiece of epic proportions aka the Spumoni Cake.

Years later, when he requested this cake for his birthday, I (for some ridiculous reason) decided to make it even more crazy and do three different flavors of cake with three different flavors of frosting - oy vey. Now, bare with me folks, this cake might take a little longer to make but the result is well worth it! Because you're only making one layer at a time, the measurements are a little funky - if you already have a solid vanilla cake recipe, you can always make that - divide it in half, and use that for the cherry and pistachio layers which would make it a little easier. I went a tad crazy and decided to try three different cake recipes - whether that was out of curiousity or insanity I'm not sure but rest assured, whatever you decide this cake is sure to make a lasting impression (on both your guests and your kitchen).

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  1. YUM! Tasted the first one and that was delicious. Wish I could have tasted this one.


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