Thursday, March 10, 2016

Tin Shed Garden Cafe, Portland

This is my first food review from our vacation to PNW last month, while all the food we had during our trip was amazing, I'd have to say that this was one of my most memorable meals.

First off, let me just say that I am a brunch goer through and through. There's nothing like waking up on a weekend and enjoying a hot cup of coffee and a nice breakfast on your day off. We had heard of this place via Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives so we thought it'd be worth a go!

I immediately fell in love with the atmosphere, we walked into the covered patio which had a fire in a fireplace going, self serve coffee in the corner, and a dog below almost every table - oh yeah, I think I'm gonna like this place.

To view their menu, click HERE

Being in the glorious West Coast, I had to try the smoked salmon so I ordered the "Salm I am" which was a magical conglomeration of smoked wild salmon, roasted red pepper, sweet onion, and roasted garlic topped with fresh dill, cream cheese & capers. As if that wasn't enough food, it came with grilled potato cakes and a scratch made buttermilk biscuit. I had had salmon before in breakfast form and the overly fishy taste didn't sit well with me to be honest but I was willing to give it another go and boy, I'm glad I did.

Never have I ever experienced so many layers of flavor in an omelette (actually it was more like a scramble) the salmon was flaky and had that slight smoky flavor, the roasted garlic added a semi-sweet element, the capers a salty zing, and the freshness of the cream cheese and dill was the perfect addition - I thought it couldn't get any better...that is, until I tried the biscuit.

As you know, I was born and raised in the South, so I've had me a biscuit or two but this one knocked them all out of the park - light and fluffy yet flaky and substantial AND to top it all off (literally) they had homemade raspberry preserves on the table which I proceeded to shamelessly slather on everyyythinggg.

Lewis ordered the "Everything Nice" potato cakes with sour cream and green onion, scrambled eggs, seasonal french toast and chicken-apple sausage with pure maple syrup. He said everything tasted fine but he agreed it didn't even come close to my magical scramble. I snuck a bite of his french toast which had great flavor but I found it a tad too thick and heavy for my liking.

The Verdict

If I was so lucky to live in this area I would definitely make Tin Shed Garden a regular brunch spot. The cozy atmosphere, friendly service, and great food that is comforting without being overly indulgent (but just indulgent enough) serves as the perfect place to unwind. I would LOVE to make a return trip and check out their lunch menu!

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