Monday, September 28, 2015

German Recipes to try for a Festive Oktoberfest

Almost everyone is familiar with world renowned festival that began in late September in Munich, Germany. Even though we don't really get a fall here in the southern US, it has always been my favorite time of the year so why not celebrate it with great food, festivities, and a frothy pint of beer!?

1 - Oktoberfest Beer
2 - Braised Red Cabbage & Apples
3 - Sauerbraten
4 - Authentic Black Forest Cupcakes
5 - Marzipan Stollen
6 - Spätzle with Garlic Chives

While some of these probably aren't traditionally served during the festival, they're delicious at any time of year.
One of my favorites has to be the Authentic Black Forest Cupcakes, which are favored with coffee and cherry kirsch. Another more recent discovery is Spätzle which can be served as a side or put into soups!

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