Thursday, August 13, 2015


Well hey there! I recently started a new job (hence the prolonged absence as of late) so from now on I will probably be cutting back on the posts to 1-2 a week. School is finally starting to wind down, and I cannot believe I will be graduating this month (God willing). It's funny how you look forward to this day for years and then when it's staring you in the face, you finally come to the realization that you're moving on to that "young adult" phase in life. The phase where you start thinking about health benefits, 401Ks, and saving accounts. I mean, we've been living on our own for a while now but there's something about leaving college behind and fully investing your time in your work that really gets you thinking (and by thinking I mean over analyzing, freaking out, and questioning everything). Looking forward to sharing more with you about our Austin trip including some restaurant reviews and a trip to Magnolia Market!

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