Thursday, July 23, 2015

Exploring Austin, TX Part One

We decided to take a little side trip to Austin while my folks are in town. With its reputation with being "The Portland of the South" and their pride in keeping it weird, I was super eager to check this place out.
These pictures were all taken on South Congress Street (more commonly known as SOCO in local jargon), which is home to a variety of boutiques, markets, restaurants, and other oddities. Unfortunately it was a typical summer day in the south so with the heat index coming in at over 100 degrees, it was a pretty steamy miserable day.
Death temperatures aside, it was an enjoyable walk filled with tempting smells from the local eateries (predominantly tex mex) and sounds from local bands and troubadours.
Only in Texas will you find a boot store on every corner, still on the fence about the whole cowgirl look, what do ya think?
We checked out his local market that had a very Grassroots vibe (Jax reference) and picked up some beverages.
One thing I was really impressed with is the amount of effort everyone put into their storefront and store sign, every one was uniquely crafted and it made for a decorative street.
Couldn't resist getting a luchador pin Naccchhhhooooooo!

Be on the look out for more Austin posts to come including a walk down 6th street, a rib the size of my arm, and a trip to Waco to stalk try to meet Joanna Gaines.

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