Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Watermelon Mojitos

I dunno about you but I am gonna need some booze to get through the rest of this week...don't worry, I gotcha covered...

I gotta admit, I am not a real heavy drinker, every once and a while I have a glass of wine or a beer but I tend to think of alcohol as more of an ingredient for baked goods (hence the lack of boozy drinks on this blog). I like this drink though because it's so refreshing and with no added sugar I almost feel like it's healthy? Is that too much of a stretch? I mean it's pretty much just glorified fruit juice right?!

This is the perfect way to utilize allll that watermelon juice that comes when you cut it, and it you're like me you go through a butt load of watermelons in the summer! These ingredient amounts are very customizable, I knew I would never use a whole bottle of rum so I just bought a sample for $1 and it happened to be enough for me but you're welcome to up the amount. Also, if you are making it for a party it might be cool to serve it out of a carved out melon - makes for a pretty impressive center piece!

Watermelon Mojitos

makes four drinks

2 cups watermelon juice (I just strained the juice from cutting the watermelon)
Juice of 1 lime
Handful of fresh mint leaves
50 ml white rum (I just bought a $1 mini bottle)
About 1 cup ginger ale (I used ginger ale 10)
Ice cubes as needed (OR you could freeze watermelon juice in ice cube trays so you won't dilute the product)
lime and mint leaves for garnish

You can either divide these ingredients and make it glass by glass, or mix it into a pitcher and pour, I personally think that they taste better if you mix it individually.

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