Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Our 900 Mile Journey to Houston

Blessed be the powers of wifi and cable. We've officially been Texans for about 8 days and we finally were able to get our apartment operating in the 21 century. To say these past couple of weeks were crazy would be a vast understatement, here are just some tid bits of our journey from a small town in GA to the big city!
Despite me reserving a 17' truck a month in advance, they decided to "upgrade" me to the 26' beast at the last second so that was fun. Thankfully our awesome parents came up to help move us out while my parents also drove "the beast" up to Houston.
Goodbye country apartment, I miss your quiet woods already!
Beanie of course was very concerned the whole trip up but she ended up sleeping over half the time anyway so that was awesome (there miggght of been some special pills involved).
We decided to make a pit stop in New Orleans which probably wasn't the best idea considering it was spring break AND the day before St. Patrick's Day but it was an experience none the less. We of course had to stop by for some hot chicory coffee and beignets at Cafe du Monde!
When we finally reached the Texas welcome center it was a beautiful sight to behold (Houston is about an hour from here).
Here are Dublin vs Houston pictures of Bean aka our trusty navigator.
After 3 hot and sweaty hours of hauling all of our crap up a flight of stairs (sorry Dad) we decided to have a night in and picked up some goodies from the nearby grocery store. My parents could only stay a couple of days so we explored the city a bit and took them to one of our favorite spots we discovered on our previous visit, The Hobbit Cafe (post soon to come). As of now it still doesn't quite feel like home but I am excited to see what opportunities lay ahead.


  1. So proud of you two! I just wish your adventure was closer. 143

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  3. The shots of Bean had dad rolling on the floor lol


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