Thursday, January 15, 2015

Revolutionize Your Diet with Evolution Fresh 3 Days to Green

I was approached by the friendly folks at Evolution Fresh to head to Publix and try their relatively new line of all natural vegetable and fruit based juice beverages. The Challenge: drink one juice every day for three days to take a small step towards a better you.
I have always been a fan of juice, it lets you reap the benefits of eating all your fruits and veggies in a convenient liquid form. With all the juice brands readily available, you still have to make sure to read the label because some brands (cough cough Naked Brand cough cough) contain food coloring, high fructose corn syrups, and other not-so-natural preservatives.
If you examine a bottle of Evolution juice, you can see that the only ingredients are fresh fruits and veggies - just like it would be if you made the juice in your home! They also use a cold-pressed method which eliminates the chance of loosing those valuable vitamins and the fresh taste you crave. The flavors I will be trying are Sweet Greens & Lemon, Essential Greens with Lime, and Defense Up. If drinking your veggies still sounds pretty intimidating, there are plenty of fruit based flavors to please your palette.

I now invite you take part in the 3 Days to Green movement by going to your nearest Publix grocery store and picking out your favorite juice. You can also check out their website at to enter and win 1 of 25 prize packages that can turn your healthy habit into a lifestyle.

I will be documenting my #3daystogreen journey on my instagram so feel free to follow along!

Disclosure - I am participating in the Evolution Fresh blogger campaign and received compensation as part of the program, all opinions are my own.

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