Monday, October 13, 2014

Film Flash Back Philadelphia Edition

Most people don't know that my love of photography started with an old film camera. Years before I ventured into the digital world, I would always have an old Konica FS-1 with me and I would be that ONE person in Walmart that still made use of the film development kiosk. It's weird to think that this generation of kids are totally oblivious to what film is (man I sound old) when it was the only option available to so many artists that I admire such as Ansel Adams and Margaret Bourke-white. Even though I appreciate the convenience and more diverse options of a digital SLR, there's just something about film photography that a digital camera could never replicate. I will be starting a new mini-series on this blog of all my old film pictures I took over the years, I recently discovered a whole album of of them at my old house and I had forgotten just how expansive my collection was!

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  1. Great pictures! Can't believe that was 2007! Wonderful vacation but wicked HOT!


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