Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Tiramisu Blended Iced Coffee with Seattle's Best Coffee.

I was asked by a representative to try Seattle's Best Frozen blends which combine high quality brewed frozen coffee with milk and cream. They come in a variety of flavors including coffee, very vanilla, mocha, and creamy caramel. It is a well known fact that I simply cannot function without coffee, it's pretty much up there with food and shelter as the bare necessities of life. So when a company offers convenient coffee on the go, they have my attention.

This product is unique because all you have to do is add milk, blend, and go - it's basically a smoothie on steroids. I decided to amp up this recipe by turning it into one of my all time favorite desserts - tiramisu! I added the chocolate swirl not only for the impressive appearance but to also replicate that hint of chocolate in this coveted dessert. For those of you who are old enough, you can add a splash of rum and top with dusted cocoa and a lady finger for fun! I was blown away by the flavor of this coffee, it was strong but not overly so and the consistency was creamy and delicious, it truly was tiramisu in drink form!

Tiramisu Blended Iced Coffee

1/2 melted chocolate
1 package of Seattle's Best Frozen Coffee Chiller
10 fluid ounces of milk (I used about 8oz. vanilla soy milk and 2oz. half & half)
1 TSP rum (optional)
whipped cream, lady fingers, and cocoa powder for decoration


1.Take the melted chocolate and place it in a piping bag with a small hole cut at the end. Carefully drizzle the chocolate around the glass until the swirl effect is achieved (you could buy Hershey's chocolate syrup if you want). Place in freezer for about 5 min. this will help the chocolate stay in place when you pour the coffee in.

2.Prepare the frozen blend according to package instructions. Add rum (if using) then pour into glasses and top with whipped cream, dusted cocoa powder, and lady finger. Serve and enjoy!

You can find these frozen blends at Walmart, Target, and other retail stores nation wide in the freezer isle.

Disclosure- Seattle's Best asked me to sample their Frozen Blends but all opinions are my own.

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