Sunday, June 8, 2014

I love Macon because...

This past weekend we decided to make a return trip to Macon, Georgia. While Macon might get a bad rap by surrounding areas, we find it to be an eclectic, happening place. One of our favorite areas is historic downtown, there you'll find beautiful architecture and a couple of cool coffee shops, one of which is "Taste and See" (who make a killer liquid gold latte).The first Friday of every month, downtown Macon is bustling with local musicians, art show openings, and extended store hours from most local eateries. Even though the weather wasn't cooperating there was still a decent turnout which is just a testament to the town's spirit. There is also a killer burger joint called "The Rookery" that's worth a visit (we've dined there twice already if that tells you anything). Macon might seems a little rough around the edges, it's become a place we love to visit.


  1. Macon is beautiful place and it is nice to spend vacations there. And the coffee shop is nice to have a coffee.


  2. Wow, what a sweet and beautiful looking place! Love the last rainy drive photo - such wonderful atmosphere!

  3. Thanks Indy, there's something so cozy about a rainy day don't you think? :)


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