Monday, June 23, 2014

Corner Taco Review

I must admit I am kinda late jumping on the Corner Taco band wagon. When I saw the popular food truck turn store front I was super curious for a taste of this "semi-swanky street fare."

Walking in I had to hand it to them, they turned an outdated delicatessen into a hip hang out. The menu is displayed on the back wall mostly consisting of a variety of side items, appetizers, and tacos (of course) with an average price of about $5. When you decide on what you want, you place your order at the counter then receive your food at the table. Like with any Mexican place, I had to try the guac, it's just my thing. It was seasoned wonderfully and the chips were good as well, I only wish I had more of it (I was sharing with three other people to be fair). I also appreciated that there was a nice and smooth creamy consistency.

You can view their menu HERE

I ordered the local tempeh taco that came with seasoned seared tempeh with shredded red cabbage, fresh cilantro, and a side of lime. As I took my first bite, I was overwhelmed with the feeling of...average. It's not that it was bad - the tempeh was seasoned and the cabbage was fresh, I think my main issue lies with the tortilla. You could tell it was a house made corn masa tortilla but I just wasn't fond of the somewhat bland, bready texture. I appreciate the effort of making from scratch ingredients, but in this particular case I would of rather had a store bought tortilla (sorry).

My friend ordered the seared Mahi taco, which, like the previous one came with red cabbage and cilantro. He said it was good but shared my somewhat neutral appreciation for the tortilla. The fish was cooked properly, it was just nothing special.

The Verdict:
I really wanted this place to be good but to be honest, it was just okay for me. It's not that it wasn't good, it just wasn't that great. Everything was technically cooked and seasoned well but I have just had better tacos elsewhere. My recommendation would be to offer more variety in the fillings and tortillas, that way if you don't prefer something you can switch out out for something else plus this will prevent the menu items from becoming too monotonous. I will probably be giving Corner Taco another try but for now, I would just call it semi-sapless street food.

What to order:

Chips and guacamole
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Corner Taco

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  1. I completely agree with your post! I did not like the tortilla shells at all.


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