Thursday, May 15, 2014

Our New Addition

Three weeks ago Lewis and I fulfilled our life long (pun intended) dream of owning a dachshund. After week of searching we finally came across this sweet little girl. Although looking back on it I think we underestimated the work of taking care of/training a puppy we wouldn't trade her for anything. Everyone, I would like to officially introduce you to Beanie the weenie! You have no idea how difficult it was to take these pictures, she is almost always moving about.


  1. Give me those little wrinkles

  2. A year later have you figured out just how smart Dachshunds really are?! I wouldn't trade my for all of the money in the world!

  3. Ohhh yes haha, they are definitely problem solvers, I've never had a dog with such a big personality!


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