Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Cabinet Transformation DIY

When we moved into our apartment I found this cabinet just chilling out in our storage area. We contemplated tossing it since it was taking up valuable bike storage but I suddenly became inspired to give it a makeover (plus I needed a space to store all my food props). It seemed like it was originally some sort of mounted cabinet but I thought the little shelf would serve to store glasses, thus, it transformed into our new bar! Normally I am a fan of natural wood, but since we already had our wooden dining room table (which I redid HERE) I choose to go with a neutral pallet.

What you'll need:
-stencils (optional)

Some tips:
-It goes without saying but ALWAYS do a light sanding, even if the paint you're using says you don't have to, DO IT. It's a good way to prep the surface and remove any dirt that may be left behind.

-Whenever you're painting/staining a piece, always try to break down the product as much as possible. Whatever hardware you can remove, be it hinges, knobs, etc. do it! It will make it much easier to paint and you won't have to worry about getting it on anything.

-Don't hesitate to move the piece around (if you can) think about what position would be the easiest to paint (ie I put this on the ground to paint the inside stencils) sounds like a no brainer but keep it in mind.

I wanted the backdrop to be less intense than the details on the doors so I painted a this layer of white paint over it, waited for it to dry, then lightly sand for that worn faded look.

It made a great addition to our semi empty looking dining room. I am in the middle of making a marquee sign to hang up top so keep reading!

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