Sunday, October 6, 2013

Life is Beautiful.

This was a weenie we met named Nefertini (get it, TINI?) she was too cute for words.

So yesterday was The National Weenie Race in Savannah, GA. and if don't already know, I have had an obsession with dachshunds since I was little, so this day was a BIG deal. It was going to be a day spent in one of my favorite cities, surrounded by weenies AND my friend who lived in Savannah offered her weenie for us to walk around. It was going to be perfect. Until this thing called life happened. The night before, the weenie we were going to babysit could no longer come because of lady issues, we rushed all the way over to Savannah in the sweltering 100 degree October heat only to find out that the races only lasted an hour and it was already over. Great. So here we were, hot. Grumpy. Disappointed. And weenie-less.

We ended up trying to stay in good spirits but we kept getting let down throughout the day. Once the sun went down we were finally able to enjoy walking outside and we payed a visit to all of our favorite restaurants, coffee shops, and parks. We stopped and people watched, took in all the fall decorations, and salvaged this hot mess of a day. Then, around 10:00pm, while sitting in my favorite square perfectly situated across from my favorite coffee shop and the old movie theater, my best friend and boyfriend of over three years got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! Suddenly all of the bad that happened today seemed silly and irrelevant and I realized something; even when things are crazy and some things in life certainly don't go the way you planned, it is truly a beautiful thing, and I am so thankful to be living it. What started off as a disaster of a day turned into the happiest day of my life.


  1. Lovely atmosphere, Annie. I totally agree with you: life is beautiful! :)

  2. So happy for you! Having a grateful heart is a wonderful thing!

  3. So happy for you guys. It was so great so see how your day went leading up to him proposing. :') You two are perfect.

  4. I enjoyed reading this again. Life is beautiful! So happy that you are enjoying the adventures of your life together. Praying all your dreams come true in Oregon. 143


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