Friday, August 9, 2013

Judsons Review

My aunt who worked at St. Vincent's Hospital for years used to tell me about this little sandwich shop down the road by the name of Judsons, apparently they have famous fish sandwiches and crazy good french fries. We shall see...oh yes, we shall see...

Judsons is somewhat a humble eatery, with local artists featured on the wall, simplistic homey decor, and counter service. Upon entering we were kindly greeted by the owner, the menu consists of mainly soups, sandwiches, salads, and a daily quiche special. I decided on the fish sandwich (of course) which had the option of getting the fish grilled, blackened, or fried and the side was your choice of potato salad, coleslaw, or french fries. Mom ordered The Gouda and Blue Cheese n' Mushroom Burger with fries.

When my sandwich arrived it was ten times bigger than I thought it would be! There was an entire fish fillet with romaine lettuce and some type of remoulade dressing all on a sub roll. The fish was cooked and seasoned to perfection - flaky and moist with the slightest hint of those coveted grilled crispy bits towards the outer edges and the sauce paired nicely with it. My ONLY complaint was that next time I would get it on a different type of bread because I found the sub roll too overwhelming for the delicate flavor and texture of the fillet. The potato salad was pretty good, the first bit had an almost vinegar taste but it became better as you ate it.

When the burger came out my eyes immediately went to those fries! I LOVE the look of rustic, hand cut fries, I'm not sure why but they always taste better to me when they're hand cut and they still have some of the skins on them. The flavor didn't disappoint either, you could tell they were tossed in some sort of seasoning and they almost had a sweetness to them - delicious! The burger was also very good, my mom complemented on the fact that the bun didn't get soggy while she was eating it like most do. Upon talking to the owner we discovered that they bake their own croissants and buns!

The Verdict: After all these years I can say that Judsons has lived up to the praise my aunt gave them. This place is awesome of you're in the mood for a great sandwich or if you just want to consume a ginormous basket of french fries, they're good for that too.

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