Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Dark Chocolate Cherry Smoothie

I am really excited right now, for I have found a new place to take food pictures! All this time I have been confined to the small dusty corner of my dad's office, scrunched up against the two windows on a teeny tiny round table UNTIL NOW. I discovered that the hope chest in the t.v. room is perfect for food set ups and it even has white background to reflect light, it's a major win...but I digress, you guys came here for some delicious smoothies...

I'm not sure what it is but I have been diggin' these dark sweet cherries lately. When I was a kid I used to LOVE maraschino cherries, now I can't even touch them because these natural dark sweet cherries kick their artificial butts! This smoothie is super simple and it tastes like you're indulging in a milkshake, not to mention it's packed full of antioxidants. I only added about a tablespoon of dark chocolate and it was enough for me but you can customize it to what you like, I might even try it with chocolate flavored yogurt next time.

Dark Chocolate Cherry Smoothie

makes 1 large smoothie

1 heaping cup of frozen dark sweet pitted cherries
1/2 milk
handful of dark chocolate chips (or you could use chocolate flavored yogurt)
splash of water (if a less thick smoothie is desired)

Method: Blend until smooth. I didn't need to add any sugar because it was sweet enough for my liking.

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