Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Newspaper painting tutorial

Lately I have been working on a collage of paintings that will compliment one done by my grandmother. Her painting has yellow, black, and white tones and I needed a painting to compliment the yellow so I experimented with a mixed media concept and ended up being pretty happy with the results...

What You'll Need:

-Modge Podge
-Paint brushes
-Shredded newspaper

First have an idea of where to lay the strips on the canvas before applying with modge podge, I always use a credit card to lightly press down each piece of paper so no air bubbles form. Once you have the papers glued on, apply a thin layer of modge podge to the entire top of the papered canvas...let dry.

Next, Paint your picture in white paint, otherwise it will show up dark against the paper. Let dry. Color in your white design.

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