Sunday, June 23, 2013

Maple Street Biscuit Company

I have been hearing about this Biscuit Company in San Marco for months now and to be honest, the whole concept never really appealed to me. Do I like biscuits? Yeah sure, but would I want my whole meal to consist of a biscuit? Not particularly. So when our friends invited us to lunch there this past Saturday, I must admit I was hesitant.

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When we walked up to the restaurant it was classier than I expected, for some reason when I see a place whose majority of the menu consists of fried chicken and biscuits, classy is not necessarily a word that comes to mind - this place somehow managed to pull off that modern meets rustic vibe. As we entered, I saw the menu boards displayed on the wall (you order at the counter and then they bring you your food) I also noticed shelves of maple syrup and local Red Leaf coffee for sale (score!) When we placed our order we were asked what our favorite book was instead of giving us a boring old number to identify our table, come to find out they switch up this question every day (hence the sign below).

Lewis ordered "The Garden Egg" which had collards, a fried egg, and a splash of hot sauce. It was delicious. The greens were seasoned well and the biscuit was the definitely the star of the plate. For me it was a little too spicy (I'd rather add my own hot sauce) but Lewis of course loved it.

We also decided to add a side of sweet potato fries because hey, what's one more carb? While I was hesitant at first because normally I am not a fan of thick cut fries these were ammmazzzinngg even though they were thick, they still managed to keep the outside nice and crispy and the maple infused honey mustard dipping sauce was the icing on the fry - I could of taken a bath in this sauce and put it on allllll the things! My ONLY complaint was that because the fries were so thickly cut, we did have a couple that were not cooked in the center, which was a tragedy since we had no choice but to leave them on our plate.

I ordered the simple Egg and Cheese biscuit. Okay, I thought, here goes nothing, time to finally see what all the hype was about. All my doubts faded away when I took that first bite - The biscuit: Flaky golden brown baked to butter crisped perfection, not too thick and not too thin. The filling was good as well, and with a splash of hot sauce and a few sips of my maple infused coffee I was officially a Maple Street Convert.

If you eat here I warn you, DO NOT be fooled by these seemingly "small" portions, for when I was finished with my biscuit and felt more than satisfied we had no choice but to trudge on and devour the iced cinnamon pecan biscuits (who could say no to that?). If you thought that biscuits only served the soul purpose of a savory sandwich holder you are wrong...oh soooo wrong. When he brought them out the plate was still warm and I knew right then that I was in for some serious trouble. Everything I knew about biscuits had changed - these were warm, melt-in-your-mouth, bread pudding meets cinnamon buns, little bites of heaven.

After hearing so much about this place I can finally conclude that Maple Street Biscuit Company has indeed lived up to the hype. The cool laid back atmosphere, friendly staff and hearty delicious food makes me wonder, are the streets of heaven really made of gold? Or are they, in fact, just perfectly delicious golden biscuits?

(Look for another location at the Beaches coming soon!)

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