Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Dad's Birthday Celebration at Clark's Fish Camp

Clark's Fish Camp is one of those places that is so overdone and so divey, teeter tottering on the verge of tacky and just plain creepy but somehow - you love it. Nestled among a random neighborhood in the swamp grounds of Mandarin, Clark's a.k.a "the people's place" is a seafood shack on the water serving everything from good ol' fried shrimp to the more outlandish meals like charred ostrich and fried antelope.

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You know you're in for something different when you're greeted with a GIANT stuffed giraffe (how?) and a fish tank that holds Lilly the alligator. If you can think of an animal to be stuffed, it's probably here.

We started off with the Broccoli cheddar cheese poppers which where golden fried balls of cheesy goodness. They were so bad that they were good. I could tell they probably used velveeta for the filling but it actually tasted pretty good dipped in their ranch dipping sauce.

For his birthday my dad alwayyyys wants a stream pot/low country boil. It has to be one of his favorite meals of all time and he can only usually have it on special occasions because of the price! For $33 you get a low country boil for two containing snow crab legs, shrimp, clams, crawfish, with sausage, hush puppies, corn on the cob, and red skinned potatoes.

Just look at that face, that is one happy man.
Everything was seasoned well, the potatoes, corn, and shrimp were particularly tasty! the crawfish however, were pretty overdone and rubbery but it's hard to get the cooking times right when you're cooking everything together like this - all in all though everything was good and you definitely get your moneys worth with this dish.

Originally I was going to order the crab stuffed flounder, but our waiter informed me that the more popular choice was the monterey jack cheese stuffed flounder with hot buttered shrimp and crab so I choose that with a garden side salad and garlic red skinned potatoes. It came out looking more refined then I expected and the flavor was surprisingly good! There was plenty of crab and two fillets of flounder. My favorite part of the dish was actually the shrimp, they were cooked perfectly (which is rare for a restaurant to do) and they paired well with the crab stuffing. After a few bites I found the whole thing to be a tad too heavy for my liking. As a person who doesn't consume tablespoons of butter on a regular basis, I'm not quite sure my stomach was prepared for this southern meal. Everyone else was taking my crab stuffing and putting it on their baked potatoes and THAT was good, Clark's should totally create a crab stuffed baked potato appetizer! The red skinned potatoes were tasty - I am always a fan of mashed potatoes with the skins left one - it's the only way.

Lewis ordered Cajun style grilled frog legs with fried oysters and hush puppies with a side salad. He was very happy with his meal and he said the seasonings on the frog legs were spot on - not too spicy but with a kick of flavor. He was happier with the fried oysters than I was - I personally was not a fan but oysters in general tend to freak me out.

While Clark's might not be known for the most elegant of seafood cuisine, it definitely rings true to it's motto. With it's casual and unique atmosphere, friendly staff, and tranquil location, Clark's is definitely worth the trip!

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