Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Revisiting Taverna

Taverna is an upscale bistro of sorts that sits among the shops in the San Marco strip. This place hold a wee bit of a soft spot in my heart, for it was almost a year ago that my culinary peers gathered here for our last meal together, I really miss those guys *sigh...anyways, back to zeh food! Taverna is not really cut out for your average Joe, the prices are pretty high but it is shown through the quality of the ingredients, all the food they use is locally produced and established and they source all their meats from small independent farms.

I must say, their pizza has to be one of the best in town, the crust chewy and flavorful not to mention it has a perfect bread-to-crispness ratio. Below is the Fungi - which is topped with various kinds of mushrooms, truffle, thyme and fontina cheese and the pizza of the day special which I believe contained fontina, roasted tomatoes, figs, yellow and red peppers, and prosciutto. Both were good although I thought they kinda skimped on the mushrooms, when I pay 16 buckaroos for a pie I want you to pile those suckers on!

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(see the difference natural lighting can make? Sheesh)

Here are some pictures from my previous culinary crew feast. The chef just kept bringing us out plate after plate, it was heaven. Some of the dishes pictured are no longer featured on the menu (Taverna has an ever changing seasonal menu) but one of them (top right) was a bowl of roasted mussels, scallops, shrimp and calamari in this mouth watering tomato sauce. I still remember that meal to this day! ME, the girl who gets slightly grossed out at the very though of eating mussels LOVED this dish! I hope it makes a return visit soon. The dessert sample board on the left features: raspberry sorbet, chocolate sorbet, mandarin infused chocolate torte, mixed berry crumble, vanilla mousse, and last but not least, their home made mint chocolate chip ice cream! You have not fully grasped the concept of mint chocolate chip until you've tasted hand churned, FRESH mint ice cream, it was so refreshing and light I almost felt like it was healthy...as opposed to store bought mint ice cream which I like to compare more to mouthwash.

Some of my culinary class, enjoying a good meal

While Taverna might not be a place you can visit frequently (coming from a broke college kid) it would be an ideal place to maybe grab a pizza pie for lunch or celebrate a special occasion. I was glad to see that everything was just as delicious as I remembered.

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