Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Sweet Theory Baking Company

My friend mentioned on facebook the other day that a new vegan bakery opened up near Kickbacks about 6 weeks ago, so today I had to check it out! Bakeries (especially vegan ones) intrigue me, and I must say, being a baker myself, I am quite the critic when it comes to baked goods.

Upon entering this nifty little bakery, I must say I am envious of their decorating style, heck I might invite them over to redo my room! The place had a very chill/vintage vibe, with a chalkboard accent wall, baking tins displayed as art on the walls and an awesome display case featuring mostly cupcakes and donuts with the occasional surprise such as lavender scones or black pepper biscuits. I asked the cashier girl what her favorite thing was and she pointed to the sunbutter brownie explosion (I found out that sunbutter is made of sunflower seeds but it tastes like peanut butter) so I got one of those and a giant, delicious looking cinnamon roll (for later).

This cupcake was awesome! Usually people shy away as soon as they hear that a cupcake is vegan. What? No butter?! No cream cheese? What kind of sick joke is this? This cupcake blew all of those doubts sky high! The cake was moist, the frosting was light and whippy with just enough peanut buttery taste without being too sweet and over powering. Not to mention I felt a little less guilty eating it, a vegan cupcake is less calories...right? I'd like to think so.

On the door it says this bakery is organic, dairy free, nut free, egg free and soy free (with gluten free options available) I don't know how they do it, but I am willing to bet that all of their cupcakes are as delicious if not more so then the one I had. I cannot wait to make a return visit to Sweet Theory! As for the cinnamon roll, I'll keep yeah updated.

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I have since been back several times to try their maple bacon doughnut. When I saw that they had concocted a vegetarian bacon made from coconut flakes I HAD to get my hands on one. I was by no means disappointed, the doughnut was light and fluffy, chewy, and sweet. The coconut bacon had a nice texture and the bacon flavor really came through, I think these people must be magical vegan fairies because some of this stuff just doesn't make sense! Sweet Theory is also a supporter of "Community Loaves" which is operated by two ladies who bake and deliver bread around the Jacksonville Riverside area. To check out their Facebook click here

Maple Bacon doughnut...

I went a little crazy one day and got (from left to right) a Root beer, Earl Grey, and Coconut doughnut. I realize I have a problem, but admitting it is the first step right? All of them were good, but of these three the root beer one was surprisenly my favorite.


  1. It's called Sunbutter Brownie Explosion, and they're amazing! Sweet Theory doesn't use peanuts at all because they avoid allergens, so actually that wasn't peanut butter it was sunflower seed butter.

  2. Right! I forgot they mentioned they try not to use nuts whenever possible, which is a very smart idea. It was THE BEST vegan cupcake I have ever had! What all have you tried there?

  3. Love the shortbread but wish they stuck to the original square shape - more traditional. Great cinnamon buns!

  4. I agree, I prefer the square shortbread shape as well, they do have some rockin' cinnamon buns though!


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