Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Every Wednesday after work I usually meet up with my mom, Aunt Cookie, Aunt Diana and sweet little Mena (my cousins kid). Today we decided to check out Biscotti's in Avondale. I haven't eaten here in years but I've heard nothing but wonderful things so I was eager to make a return visit. Upon entering this suave purple building I was greeted by the most delicious looking dessert display case I have ever beheld. I had to literally stop the drool from coming out of my mouth! I spotted at least three different types of cheesecake, tiramisu (one of my favorites), bread pudding, PUMPKIN bread pudding, coconut cake and some mysterious sort of pie with a mountain of nuts on top.

*I apologize for the small, low quality pictures, I was forced to use my phone's camera.

It took a while for us to get seated, which was understandable considering we were in the midst of the dreaded lunch hour. The hostess lady was very pleasant and accommodating.

I had a 30min argument with myself about what to order, so many interesting options and possibilities! Finally, in a valiant attempt to be healthy, I decided on the special salad of the day. This was an arugula salad with grilled melon and onions topped with seared grouper tossed in cilantro yogurt vinaigrette. While the fish was cooked pretty well I found the flavor of the melons and onions quite odd. I could tell they marinated them in some sort of flavoring that didn't pair well with the fish. I was somewhat disappointed with my menu choice. I did proceed to eat half of Mena's sweet potato fries so it was by no means a total loss (sorry Mena).

My mom ordered the lobster rueben. While the concept was mind blowing, the execution was lacking. The flavors were amazing, the bread was toasted to perfection BUT the poor lobster was overcooked. It's an easy mistake to make but unfortunately it kind of ruins the whole meal experience

My Aunt Diana ordered the Thai chicken salad which consisted of marinated chicken in coconut Thai spices, fresh mango salsa tossed in a creamy sesame dressing . She had nothing but good things to say and it is worth your money because they give you a lot of chicken!

Of course, we HAD to get dessert! We all decided not to make total pigs of ourselves and all share just one, after all Thanksgiving is coming up! We all decided on the tiramisu because we could all use a little 'pick me up.' It was kinda pricey at $8 but the slice was pretty huge and as soon as you taste it, you realize you would've paid $20 for this sucker! The cake was so light and fluffy, soaked in delicious bourbon and espresso (I would have liked more coffee flavor) the chocolate and mascarpone layers were divine and although this cake appeared rich and decadent, it slid right down (believe me, I could have had three more slices if I didn't have a conscience).

I think I want to give this place another try. While my salad wasn't perfect, there were good parts of every meal. Next time I come back here I might just order dessert!

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